Men And Andropause

Women and their moods is something that is known to every man. Infact men say that it is difficult to understand women or gauge their feelings. All of this may be true in the case of women for they are ruled by emotions and feelings and are emotionally intelligent and sensitive too. With emotionally sensitive predisposition, women tend to go through roller coaster ride in terms of menopause and its effects. A woman going through menopause can suffer the effects for a number of years. It is not only her suffering but will involved the rest of the family members who will need to put up with and co-operate with her mood swings and other emotional upheavals. Whenever a middle aged woman is cranky be it at home or at office, everybody knows that it is the hormones that are working.

But what about men? Nobody ever talks about men’s menopause or the so called Andropause. Every man too undergoes the same menopausal cycle as the woman does, but little is known about this. Andropause is the natural cycle of reduction in production of testosterone in men. With the reduction of testosterone men go through a lot of physical as well as mental changes due to the hormonal changes within their body. The body begins to age and the muscles tend to sag. Just like women, men too are known to go through depression, mood swings, hot flushes, fatigue , nervousness and lack of confidence etc. However in many cases lack of awareness causes problems when the rest of the family does not recognize the symptoms and the individual himself too is unaware of what is happening and the reason for such irrational behavior.

In many cases, men begin to suffer from mental problems and emotional upsets due to the hormonal changes. A lack of libido or sexual drive makes them feel weak and robs them of their sense of being in control. If this condition is not discussed and brought to the notice of the spouse and family members, chances are that their inter personal relationship can get damaged and push the man further into a state of depression.

A good support and understanding from the family members coupled with medical guidance and medication for hormone replacement as well as attention to nutrition can help most men sail through the face. In some cases counseling might be required. The key to one’s well being at this stage remains in leading an active life and keeping fit. Physical exercises and balanced life can help keep the hormonal imbalance and their damage at bay. Meditation and other forms of Yoga etc give immense benefit to the body as well as the mind. Post andropause men begin to accumulate weight around their waist and abdomen. With yoga and physical exercises one can watch out and remain trim as well as keep the life style diseases at bay.

Managing andropause calls for managing one’s emotions and re arranging one’s life. With a bit of love and support from family it is easy for every man to sail through this period in life.

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