Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Recent findings indicate that one in every ten males experience erectile dysfunction at a point in their lifetime. Impotence or ED is a condition where a man cannot maintain an erection strong enough to engage in sex repeatedly. This condition is attributed by the inability of the blood veins to supply enough blood to the fill the penile spongy tissues during a sexual activity. This sexual disorder can be attributed to a number of factors and may cause a distress in a person's sex life. ED can be cured through professional help.

Signs of impotence

In ability to maintain adequate erection during a sexual encounter.

Attaining a full erection in the absence of factors contributing to ED for example when not physically exhausted.

Causes of ED

An erection occurs as a result of coordination of a number of complex factors. These factors include; the mind, hormones, emotional factors and body organs. Thus any factor leading to the disruption of the above factors will most probably cause impotence.

Physical causes - Comprises of physical, organic or medical conditions affecting supply of enough blood to the penis during sexual excitement. An individual experiencing exhaustion from engagement of tiresome activities may experience ED. Disease infections and use of some medications can also lead to impotence, common diseases known to contribute to ED are; cardiovascular infections, kidney failure, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Physiological causes - an erection is as a result of reflex actions initiated by the brain during sexual excitement. Factors leading to the disruption of the mind like emotions, stress, excitement, performance anxiety, negative feelings or thoughts also contribute to ED.

Lifestyle causes - some ways of life could contribute to the likelihood of a male to be impotent. Such ways of living like; heavy drinking, lack of physical exercise, smoking and drugs uses may lead to ED. Age- most cases of ED is attributed to aging. Aged males have higher case of ED than younger male counterparts.

Hormones - an erection is attributed to the testosterone hormone, thus incorrect balance the hormone will lead to ED

Treatment of Impotence

The condition could be corrected through professional treatment. This combines a series of medication as well as change of factors which contributes to ED. Most adopted treatment includes:

Medication - consists of prescribed drugs which when taken will help cure ED. This medication aims at correcting the cause of ED.

Surgery - penile implants and erectile dysfunction surgeries may be performed to treat ED. It is least practiced and is mostly adopted when other treatments fail to yield the desired results.

Change of lifestyle - A change in the way of living could be the simplest treatment for impotence. Moderate alcohol usage, physical exercises and avoiding use of nicotine could help cure ED. This method could be combined with other treatments.

Male impotence is complex problem and if not handled well it can lead to low self esteem, psychological suffering and divorces. In order to effectively handle the problem, a combination of different therapies is necessary for instance proper medication, change of lifestyle and communication with the partner.

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