All about male Impotence

Victims of male impotence are increasing day by day so there are many questions regarding this sexual problem. In this article, we shall discuss about all questions which are usually asked by the people. The first question that is asked by majority of people is how a person becomes the victim of male impotence? There are several causes which are responsible for male impotence. Any cause out of all can make a person impotent. There are some health related issues which act as causes of male impotence or erectile dysfunction. Diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, heart problems and abnormalities with nervous system are included in all these causes. In addition to this, the mental health of a person is another reason for erectile dysfunction. People who are suffering from anxiety attacks, stress and depression are prone to erectile dysfunction. Certain medications, smoking and drugs addiction are also linked to cause erectile dysfunction. Out of all reasons, age plays the vital role. An elder person has very high chances of becoming the victim of erectile dysfunction.

The second question that is asked by many people is how a normal person gets penile erection? Penile erection is dependent on the proper working of different systems which include circulatory system, nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Studies show the certain chemical starts to travel from the brain to the nerve endings when a person becomes sexually aroused. These nerve endings are found in penis and they control the blood flow through the penis. With the increase in blood in the penis, an erection occurs which remain for long time. A man who is impotent cannot experience this thing because of his sexual problem.

People who are victims of erectile dysfunction ask about the treatment of impotence. In present days, various ways are being used for ED treatment like using vacuum pump, having surgery and taking special medication. These methods have already been tried by most of the doctors and they are very happy with their results. But before you select a method for your ED treatment, you should consult your doctor first so that he can determine either the selected method will be effective against male impotence or not.

The next question comes in the mind that do erectile dysfunction drugs have any side effects? Every medicine that is available in market contains some side effects. The user gets the side effects only when he does not follow the instructions properly during taking the medication. Some common side effects of ED drugs are dizziness, headache, vomiting, mild color blindness, impaired vision, drop in blood pressure and the most severe Priapism etc. Priapism side effect is very harmful for the sexual life of a person. Sometimes when a person takes over dose of prescribed medicine, his penis becomes erect for long time and it does not losses its erection. And when it becomes flaccid, the penis may lose its erection permanently. Due to all these side effects, it is always advised to the users of ED drugs that they should follow their doctor's prescription strictly.

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